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*Note: Number of Jose Altuves is Official Standard Listed Altuves (OSLA). Actual Number of Jose Altuves may vary.

How Many Altuves Giveaway #4: 4 Tickets to a 2017 Astros Game

Well friends, we've reached the end of our HMA Giveaway 5th Anniversary Birthday Celebration (HMAG5ABC for short.) So far we've sent one lucky lady and her guest to hang out with Lance McCullers and Jose Altuve, among other players and personalities. We sent one guy and his family to an Astros game with some nice, dugout box seats. And we've introduced one guy to the addictive wonders of OOTP Baseball.

In doing all of this you've helped raise hundreds of dollars for the Lance McCullers Foundation, the Jose Altuve Foundation, and the Astros Foundation. That's awesome, and you guys are awesome.

For the final Giveaway, we have another 4 tickets to a 2017 Astros game (your choice of which game, subject to availability.) And we're going to have some fun with this one, giving you a few chances to multiply the number of times you can enter.

1. Retweet this note (screenshot will be posted on twitter) to enter.
2. Follow @HowManyAltuves to double your chances of winning.
3. Tweet me your best How Many Altuves fact to double your chances again.
4. Provide proof of a donation (preferably via twitter DM to protect your information) to one of the following charities to double those chances yet again: Lance McCullers Foundation, Sunshine Kids, Astros Foundation.

That's up to 8 possible entries per person! (1, 2, 4, 8)

I'll be accepting entries through the entire holiday weekend and announcing the winner Tuesday, May 30. Good luck, and thanks again for 5 awesome years!

How Many Altuves Giveaway #3: A Copy of OOTP Baseball 18

Another week, another giveaway! Anyone who's been with us for a few years knows how much we love Out of the Park Baseball. So we decided to team up with them to offer our supporters a chance to win their own copy of the game!

For this prize, we want to hear your favorite How Many Altuves fact. It can be one you've already heard or seen on a broadcast or on twitter, like these

Or, even more fun, make up one of your own! Just tweet it to @howmanyaltuves and the winner will be selected randomly out of all the entries. Deadline to get your entry in will be Sunday, May 21 at midnight Eastern.

How Many Altuves Giveaway #2: 4 Tickets to an Astros Game

This week's giveaway is provided by none other than Altuve's own Houston Astros! We'll be giving away a certificate for four (4) tickets to a regular season Astros game (subject to availability) for the 2017 season.

Astros president Reid Ryan has generously given us the opportunity to giveaway these tickets to one of our lucky supporters so, as thanks, we'll be asking for donations to the Astros Foundation to enter to win this drawing.

The Astros Foundation benefits at risk children and teens through such initiatives as the Community Leaders program, the Astros Urban Youth Academy, and the Astros RBI Program (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities). Community Leaders provides newly renovated baseball and softball field to Houston area children. UYA provides free baseball and softball instruction, life skills training, and academic support to at risk youth in Houston. Astros RBI puts on baseball and softball summer camps and clinics.

Entries can be made similarly to the last giveaway. Simply make a donation of at least $5.00 to the Astros Foundation and send me a screenshot on twitter via DM by midnight Eastern this coming Sunday, May 14. Winner will be selected at random and announced Monday, May 15.

Good luck!

OOTP 18: The Review

It's that time again; OOTP season is here! Every year I think they've pushed things about as far as they can, but every year they manage to introduce amazing new features, and this year is no different. 

By now, you know that OOTP is the best baseball simulation game available anywhere. Their robust engine, exhaustive roster sets, immersive strategy options, and limitless set up options are still there, as always, so let's look at what's new.

This year they've included some of the best historical players you've never had a chance to play with before. Ever wanted to see how Satchel Paige's career might have turned out? Or what Josh Gibson would have done against Lefty Grove? Now you can, because OOTP has added full Negro League rosters. You can break the color barrier any time before 1946, too, so you can see how things might have been.

Also new this year is Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode locks down many league settings and other options. Trading difficulty is set to hard, scouting is mandatory, and the player and coach editors are limited, among other things. You’re also limited to simming a week at a time during the regular season, although you can zoom through longer stretches of time during the offseason. I personally haven't tried this mode yet, but those I've talked to who have say the word "challenge" is an understatement. This really puts your armchair GM and manager skills to the test.

Other new features include the addition of tournament play. Recreate the World Baseball Classic or the Olympics. This new mode includes options for round robin and double elimination tournaments, too.

Also new this year is the ability to set up relegation and promotion style leagues. This is perfect for those fans who say team is so bad even a AAA team would beat them. Now you can actually see the worst teams in the league have to deal with the embarrassment of becoming a minor league team.

Probably the two newest features I'm excited about are the ability to retain player contracts in trades and a revamped player chemistry system. With the ability to retain part or all of contracts in trades comes much more flexibility when working through your roster. Have an aging veteran you need to trade but you're not getting any traction in negotiations? Now you can offer to pay part of that players salary to either make the trade more palatable to the opposing GM or to entice them to add that stud prospect you just can't seem to pry away from them. And with the new player chemistry system comes a dedicated screen that shows you just how much influence every player has, both positive and negative. No longer do you have to guess who the clubhouse cancer is. Combine this with the contract retention feature and it's now much easier to make the changes necessary to keep the party going in the locker room.

Usually I'm the type of person that sticks with one version of a sports game for years. I still have Madden '08 and MVP Baseball 2005. But year in and year out OOTP compels me to go with the newest version, and OOTP 18 is no exception. Go get it today. You won't regret it.