An honor

Today, How Many Altuves has learned that we have been accepted into the official Grantland Baseball Dictionary, as announced in this post by Jonah Keri.

I just want to say, it was thrilling just to be considered, but being accepted is a true dream come...well...true. To see HMA mentioned alongside other esteemed entries like BABIP, #BARVES, Clown Question, Bro, and Pitching to Score is an unbelievable honor.

I'd like to thank a few people for helping me get here. First, obviously, is Jonah Keri. I've never met him, and may have exchanged just one or two tweets with him, but I really feel that he understands me at the deepest level. You may even say, we're soulmates. Second, the pair of Astros fans that inspired me to start down the path of HMA, @Love_My_Astros and @brittany_lamas, as well as Justin Maxwell for hitting this bomb the day HMA was born on-line.

 I'd like to thank @astroscounty for letting me take time away from my postings at Astros County so I could give How Many Altuves to a world that so desperately needed it. There's the Alderman clan, led by sisters Ashley and Jennifer, who were the first to model the HMA t-shirts
(didn't they make the shirts look good?). I owe a big debt to Kelly George, for getting the ball rolling for my opportunity to visit Minute Maid Park and meet the HMA namesake. Of course, I also need to thank Mike Ferrin and Morgan Ensberg, for hatching the Altuve as a measurement and incubating it until it was ready to be revealed to the world.

But most importantly, I need to that Jose Altuve, as the inspiration for the Altuve. Not only is he a short guy, but he's a great sport about everything. He's gritty, he gives everything he has out on the field, which makes it so easy for fans to support and celebrate his success.

Again, thanks so much for this honor.

Hey Jonah, where's the after-party?

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