Altuve supporter trying for MLB Fan Cave

Remember this bit of awesomeness that came out of the MLB Fan Cave last year?


Want to help a fan get in on some of that action? Well, Jay Ducote is the only Astros fan to be named one of 52 finalists to join the Fan Cave this year, and How Many Altuves is officially endorsing his candidacy. You have until February 13 to help us get Jay to Spring Training to be one of 30 finalists to be chosen to audition. Go vote for our newest friend!

Jay is a fellow blogger, sharing his thoughts on great food and drink over at so I thought we'd cook up some specially crafted Altuve conversions to show our support. One of the more celebrated craft breweries in the Houston area is Saint Arnold. This oldest craft brewing operation in Texas set a record for themselves in 2012 by shipping 49,119 barrels of liquid gold. Each barrel holds about 1.75 cubic Altuves, so that's an impressive 86,000 cubic Altuves of historic Texas craft beer!

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